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FAQ - frequently asked questions 


Q: Are your candles natural?

Yes our candles are natural and made from high quality soy wax

Q: Are your candles vegan and vegeterian friendly?

Yes all ingredients used to produce our candles, are eco, not tested on animals and vegan/ vegetarian friendly. They are purchased from tested suppliers making sure you receive the best product in the highest quality.

Q: What ingredients are used in your candles and wax melts ?

Wax melts and candles are 100% vegan. High quality soy wax is used to produce them. On top of that, vegan soy wax chip dyes and fragrance/essential oils used which were confirmed as vegan from the supplier. For any additional information please go to the leaflet which will be included with each purchase, stating what is used to avoid allergies.

Q: Are your soaps natural and vegan friendly?


All soaps are natural and created from high-quality ingredients but not all will be vegan. They may contain some vegan friendly ingredients but as a whole product it will not be fully vegan soap but definitely suitable for vegetarians

Q: How can I verify if soap I am interested in is vegan or not

It is specified on the packaging - it will also contains green label with vegan on it, and more details can be seen in ingredients used to produce soaps. 

Q: What type of soaps you offer?

At the moment I create melt & pour soaps that do not contain water. I add natural vegan or organic products to create high-quality product for you to use. In the near future, I plan to produce cold processed soaps. This has to be tested first to avoid any allergies making sure it is compatible with the law requirements for UK and foreign market 

Q: I have noticed you have bath salts as well - are they all natural and vegan friendly ?

Yes bath salts are my new products. They are all natural and have a lot of nice ingredients good for your skin. Majority are vegan friendly as well. Rose bath salt now is not vegan option as contains goat's milk powder.

They are packed in plastic containers ( better for the transport purposes) and in 100g sachets so you have variety to choose from. 

Q: Are your cosmetic products atested ?

Yes soaps and bath salts have assessments done and they are safe and suitable to use.

Q: If I would be interested in bigger order, how to do that. 

Please contact me then directly. You may purchase item and then discuss further needs. Please remember the bigger order, more time required for preparation.

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